Broken Sprinklers & Pipes

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a flood in your lawn or a geyser watering the street & sidewalk due to a cracked pipe or broken sprinkler head. We’ll come out and repair your sprinkler system in a jiffy.  Sprinkler Genie services Utah County, from Lehi down to Salem and will schedule repairs at your convenience.


Why Are My Pipes Leaking?

broken sprinkler line

  • With the cold winters of Utah, there is a good chance that your pipes may have frozen if they weren’t properly winterized last fall. A frozen pipe begins as a hairline fracture that quickly expands and runs along the pipe for some distance.
  • Tree roots growing under or near a sprinkler pipe can grow until it “pushes” the pipe, causing it to break.
  • Poor glue job. Sometimes fittings will leak because they were not correctly or adequately glued when first installed.
  • Other factors such as shallow pipes being hit with a shovel or aerator can also cause broken sprinkler pipes.

Our Solution

We will track down the source of your leak and repair the problem(s) to get your sprinkler system working again.  If frozen pipes were the source of the problem, we’ll install a drain to ensure water exits the pipe to help prevent freezing from happening again.

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How Do Sprinklers Break?

Broken Sprinklerbroken sprinkler

  • Lawn mowers hitting the sprinkler head.
  • Snow blowers/snow plows breaking the sprinkler head or body while buried under the snow.
  • Aerating – the spikes of an aerator can damage sprinklers if they are not recessed deep enough.  This generally happens to sprinklers in the middle of the lawn.
  • Dirt/debris in the line can plug up your sprinkler head or its filter, causing it to limit the flow of water or alter the spray.
  • Sprinkler head stuck in elevated position and gets hit, kicked, or damaged.

What We’ll do

We will evaluate your problem and determine if a new head is required, if the pipe is cracked/broken, or something else is going on.  We will discuss with you what we found and the best options for addressing the problem.
[/ezcol_1half_end]Call or contact us and we’ll get right out to take a look.