Sprinkler System Tune Up

Sprinkler System Tune-UpYour sprinkling system should be properly tuned up each spring when you turn your sprinkler system on for the season.  What was working fine last fall isn’t always the same in the spring.  Also, during the summer as it gets hotter you may notice brown spots forming indicating areas that aren’t getting proper coverage.  This is a sign that your sprinklers need to be tuned up and adjusted.

Sprinkler Tune UpSprinkler Genie will turn on and go through every zone evaluating each sprinkler head for proper coverage.  We will adjust the arc and throw of each sprinkler and repair/replace any sprinklers that are broken or are not functioning correctly to ensure optimal performance of your sprinkler system.

Green LawnA sprinkler system tune-up will help ensure brown spots are eliminated, sprinkler coverage is optimal, and allow you to enjoy a lush green lawn. Most tune-ups take 1-2 hours to perform, depending on the number of zones you have.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for your sprinkler system tune-up.