New valvesValves control the water flowing to a particular section or zone of your sprinkler system. When a sprinkler valve malfunctions, your sprinklers will remain on after their scheduled off time, won’t turn on at all, or may have a continuous leak that causes water to constantly seep out of some sprinkler heads creating a swampy area in your grass or a constantly wet area across a sidewalk.

Leaky ValvesValves are the one component of your sprinkling system where water and electricity both  meet.  With a leaking valve, there is usually going to be water in the valve box. If the electrical connections aren’t properly sealed, they can short out and cause the solenoid in the valve to malfunction, leaving your sprinkling system in jeopardy.

Jar Top ValvesSprinkler valves can also malfunction for various reasons such as debris in your line that interferes with the valve, sludge build up on the diaphragm, or a worn out diaphragm.   For this reason, we only use top quality Hunter and Rainbird valves.  They are reliable, easy to maintain, and have a longer than average life span compared to the valves you find at the big box stores.

Broken sprinkler valves are not always easy to repair, and requires specific knowledge of electrical and irrigation so calling an experienced sprinkler repair company is highly recommended!  Contact us today.